Visiting Ponce City Market: Main Building

Visiting Ponce City Market: Atlanta, Georgia

Visiting Ponce City Market:

Ponce City Market is an incredible adaptive reuse project of the old Sears, Roebuck & Co. building in Atlanta.  The enormous structure now includes a Central Food Hall, many retail shops, apartments, and offices and is conveniently located along the beltline.  My mom and I decided to check it out when she was visiting Atlanta to eat lunch and then walk along the beltline to get some exercise.   There is a large paid parking area around Ponce City Market with many of the retail shops located around the parking lot.

Visiting Ponce City Market: Entrance


Once inside the Ponce City Market entrance, there are more retail stores, and my mom and I did some window shopping.

Visiting Ponce City Market: Shopping


They did an incredible job restoring the old building and there is architectural eye candy wherever you look.  The metal beams, old wood floors, exposed ducts and pleasing colors all add to the nostalgic ambiance of the place.

Visiting Ponce City Market: Restaurants

The Central Food Hall showcases a wide variety of foods, so it’s fun to walk around looking at the menus deciding what you are in the mood for.  Some of the choices include a coffee bar, craft beers, gourmet Italian, New American, Seafood, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, Indian street food, and Latin-inspired sandwiches.    If you are interested in something sweet there is a bakery, popsicles and gelato.  I will mention that there is a burger place, but other than that it did not look like a good place for younger children and/or unadventurous eaters.  We ate at Farm to Ladle and had the delicious chicken pesto panini and tasty kale caesar salad.  Then we finished the meal off with some scrumptious gelato.  We sampled a few flavors and my mom went with classic vanilla and I chose one of their best sellers, brown butter.  Below are some photos of the restaurants.  They all have uniquely handsome storefronts.

Visiting Ponce City Market: Restaurant

Visiting Ponce City Market: Restaurant


Walking the Beltline at Ponce City Market:

After lunch we wanted to walk on the beltline and it was easy to find, with signs throughout Ponce City Market pointing the way.  I have wanted to walk on the beltline for a long time, but honestly have been intimidated about which section to walk and where do you “get on” the trail.  The section by Ponce City Market is called the Eastside trail and it was a great place to start.

Visiting Ponce City Market: Stairs to Beltline

Visiting Ponce City Market: Path to Beltline

Visiting Ponce City Market: Beltline


There was a bike rental place right on the beltline outside of Ponce City Market and the rates looked reasonable.  That would be a great way to see more of the beltline than you can cover on foot.  We didn’t have much time so decided to stay on foot.  I will mention that my Mom and I were there on a Friday and there were only a few people on the beltline, but I have heard the weekends can be quite crowded.

Visiting Ponce City Market: Bike Rentals


Once on the trail we had no idea which would be the better way to go, so we turned right.  There is some whimsical and thought provoking artwork along the beltline and we enjoyed taking it all in as we walked along.  It was the end of March so the weather was perfect.  However, there was no shade on this part of the trail so it would be hot in the summer.

Visiting Ponce City Market: Art on Beltline

Visiting Ponce City Market: Artwork on Beltline

Visiting Ponce City Market: Art on Beltline

Visiting Ponce City Market: Artwork on Beltline


We came to this skatepark which is part of the top of Historic Fourth Ward Park and watched some skateboarders do their tricks for a few minutes.  Another time I plan to visit the lower section of Fourth Ward Park and write a post about it, but we didn’t have time before my mom’s flight that day.

Visiting Ponce City Market: Fourth Ward Skate Park


We did continue on a little past the skatepark to see the colorful graffiti under the interstate.  There was an art class from a local school there at the same time as us and the kids were having lots of fun taking selfies amongst the graffiti.  This is a place teens would really enjoy.

Visiting Ponce City Market: Graffiti on Beltline

Visiting Ponce City Market: Graffiti on Beltline

Visiting Ponce City Market: artwork on beltline


We headed back to Ponce City Market to leave for the airport and noticed a crane building something new.  Can’t wait to see what it turns out to be on a future visit.

Visiting Ponce City Market: The beltline


Having a meal at Ponce City Market and walking the beltline is an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.  Can’t wait to go again to explore the Historic Fourth Ward Park and more of the beltline.


Ponce City Market

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Photography Tip:

I have mentioned before that moving around your subject to change your perspective can improve your photo.  In the example below I came to this charming rustic star and took this first shot.  I realized the power lines were distracting and wasn’t sure if I could eliminate them or not.  I moved to the side and took the shot from an angle and I think it is a better representation of the beautiful artwork and the area around it, and I didn’t have to photoshop out the power lines.  Which photo do you like better?  I initially didn’t like the first one at all, but after editing it, I sort of like the way the power lines go behind it since it’s just part of the city.  However, I do personally still like the second photo better.

Visiting Ponce City Market: Beltline, Eastside Trail

Visiting Ponce City Market: Artwork on Beltline



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